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Internet shopping is in trends and became a part of our lives, and millions of people enjoying this convenient service worldwide. The term “internet shopping” first came out in the 1990s; it was an emerging phase, but now it is a basic need. All the credit goes to the internet as well as the popular online stores like Amazon.com who led us away from retail stores to web shopping. But, why we are favoring these trends, and why we are focusing on consumer electronic giants like Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, and more? Because there are many “fetching” factors incorporated with these corporations such as great deals, discounts, price comparisons, real reviews and feedback, information, convenience, shipping, and more. However, due to these pleasant factors as well as the competition, the skepticism of acquiring the best product and deal comes to mind; like ”
where to buy” stuff, how to look for the prices, which consumer electronic company or online shopping site is better,” and more. Don’t worry! This article will surely end your skepticism and help you shop smart.

Where to Buy 


Amazon is not a “book-selling” company anymore, it has become a giant in the online consumer market. You can get almost everything from this site, from toothpaste to PlayStation 4 everything is available in this website. The best thing about Amazon is consumer reviews, which are 99.9 % legitimate as real buyers sharing their experience and leave genuine feedback’s; a satisfying factor. Apart from this, this great online retailer is exceptional when it comes to look, feel, and ease of use. Prices as well as the shipping charges are also great. Another alternative is Ebay if you are looking for similar  deals amazon has to offer

NewEgg: Certainly, we need specific websites for our exclusive needs; for instance, cheap computer parts. Now, you cannot rely on Amazon for cheap computer parts because it is not dedicated to it, but the NeeEgg is! This website is fantastic for buying cheap computer parts, and customer reviews are also legitimate. It is like a “gray market” in a web space, although it is a genuine online place; the reference “gray market” is focused on the cheap price perspective.

BestBuy: This one is also a great website, and often beat Amazon for movies and music with regards to shipping and price (may be that is why it is named “best buy”). Their computer deals section is a bit shorter than NewEgg, but everything else is purely amazing. Basically, they need to work on a few sections, but it is still a great site to buy cost effective stuff.

Walmart: Walmart is pretty good as  your dail market place, but their website is not as interactive and user friendly as other online shopping sites. But if you’re looking to buy toys and some selected electronics you might be able to find them here similar deal as Toysrus

J.C. Penny: It is a department store  just like Macy’s with a lot of home decor, clothing, and furniture options. Also, their website is user friendly with great discounts and attractive deals.

My Favorite

To be really frank, I have purchased various products from all these stores, but Amazon is my favorite due to its assortments. Nevertheless, I frequently shop on other sites and stores whenever I get to see a great deal. It is not only about the price, sometimes, there are a lot of things that matters like customer reviews, which I’d love to check out before making a purchase. Although the sites mentioned above are safe,  not all implement buyer protection. Let’s talk about how to be safe when shopping online.

Be Safe While Shopping Online

Now more and more people are heading towards online shopping, and buying everything from medicines to automobile from the web, however, concerns are around every corner regarding the safety of buying things on the internet. Obviously, online shopping is convenient and it likewise helps you get great deals and fair prices, but keeping your personal information safe is more important than anything else in the world. There is always a slight risk associated, but a few things will considerably increase your safety when shopping on the web like never shop on a public computer, always use a credit card instead of debit (safer side), buying from a reputed online shop (payment protection and safe transaction), and of course using common sense.

Bottom Line

There are tons of websites and stores available for your shopping needs, but you need to think twice before completing any transactions. Safety needs to be a priority! The second thing to consider is feedback, and the third one is price. Happy Shopping!


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